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Logo design and identity

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Logo design and identity

As an award-winning digital design and branding agency, we know that crafting a memorable brand identity is much more complex than simply coming up with a new logo (although a strong logo definitely helps). Our talented designers can work with you to create and implement a cohesive brand experience across multiple digital touchpoints, helping you win the trust, support, and loyalty of both new and existing audiences.

Maximize Your Potential With Effective Branding & Design

You only have a couple of seconds to make a strong first impression online. You can have the best business in the world, but if your branding isn’t up to scratch, you risk sending the message that you’re unprofessional, that you cut corners, or that you simply don’t care.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, effective branding has never been more important. From your logo to your invoice design, and everything in between, consumers want and expect a consistent brand experience across all brand channels and communications.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or your brand simply needs a refresh, Codcom’s experienced graphic designers can help bring your brand to life with a unique visual identity, expertly designed to perform across an array of media and devices, captivate your target audience, and drive results for your business.

Brand Strategy

Looking to establish, reinvigorate, or sharpen your brand? Codcom’s experienced branding specialists can help you develop a solid, well-informed brand strategy that’s aligned with your business goals, reflects your values, and resonates with your audience.

Logo Design

Make your mark with a beautifully crafted logo that leaves a lasting impression and can be applied across numerous touchpoints. Codcom’s expert logo designers create eye-catching logo designs for businesses and brands of all sizes.

Brand Guidelines

Whether you’re looking to revamp your brand’s existing image or starting from scratch, Codcom’s talented graphic designers can help you create a memorable and consistent visual identity that resonates with your existing audience and helps drive new business.

Xero Invoice Template Design

Consumers are increasingly seeking brand experiences – not just transactions. Codcom’s custom invoice design service delivers both, providing you with on-brand communications to ensure your brand’s voice is present throughout the entire customer journey.

In short, we make graphic design and branding simple.


Liurvo app

Thank you for the effort and the beautiful work of choosing colors, coordinating and arranging everything in the program
In the name of God, God does not need creativity, really.. Shaabooh

Eng/ Hisham

There is no new word to say.. Seriously, it is a need for greatness and creativity ♥️ Hwa, but instead of the word “arrival” there will be a return.. and this is the end of the world.

Dr. Amr Khaled

Of course, I can’t wait for the morning to speak. Thank you. Thank you. A respectable job. You have all the appreciation and respect 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 This is really the most wonderful thing. I didn’t see that there were very small comments, tomorrow I sent them all

Professor Mariam, thank you very much for the follow-up and appreciation, and seriously, I am the one after that, I wish I had a job to talk to you 😍😍😍😍

Saad Al-Juhani

The application is Gorgeous, I’ll create my apps for next projects with you ISA.

Thank you Tech 4 Life & thank you for your team. 🌹🌹

Mohamed Nada

A thousand thanks to you for your efforts in making the application, thank you, engineer Mariam , and thank you, engineer Mohamed, it was an honor to meet you

Sarah Atwi

I am very happy. I was not able to implement my application with this speed, quality and distinction. This is a very thank you to Engineer Maryam and Engineer Mohamed Ali for the cooperation and speed of response, and thank God for my success in choosing you

Talal Al-Dossary

We extend to your esteemed company all our thanks and appreciation for the services it provided, which are less than creative. Greetings to you for the appearance of our website in the most beautiful form, thanks to God, and then thanks to your services

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